Fortified Journal (print)
Fortified Gazette (online)

edited by
Sinae Park and Kate Morgan.


Fortified Journal
Issue 003

Upcoming Summer 2022

with contributions from 

Ari Níelsson
Hattie Morrison
Isobel Neviazsky
Jennifer Bailey
Kate Morgan
Maria Blom
Melanie Xu
Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Rosie O’Grady
Seo Hye Lee
Sinae Park
Tilly Heydon
Vivien Chan

The Fortified Gazette

is our digital iteration,
an irregular bulletin where anyone is invited to share their eating over the period of a week via newsletter.

This is completely open to all, so get in touch if you’d like to take part!

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Sinae Park 
Kate Morgan 
Hattie Morrison 
Dot Neviazsky 
Alex Calder
Ari Níelsson
Caitlin Merrett King
Maya Gulieva
Ruby Eleftheriotis
Jakob Grant
Cornelius Prior and Klaussie Williams 
saoirse wall 

About Us

Sinae (she/her) is an illustrator who uses drawing as a
non-linguistic tool to propel conversations. / @carrotate

Kate (they/them) is a writer and artist based in Glasgow. / @kaetmrgn