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About Fortified πŸ’

We seek to be a space for expansive writing about food: its production, cooking, eating, sharing.

We’re really keen to support and help develop food-adjacent writing that is unwieldy, enthusiastic, demanding, soft, generous, untidy. As editors, we would like to bring such work together in common space.

Fortified is edited and produced by Sinae Park and Kate Morgan.

About Us πŸ§„

Sinae (she/her) is an illustrator and designer who uses drawing as non-linguistic tool to propel conversation.

Kate (they/them) is a writer and artist based in Glasgow, interested in things we do with our hands, in the words that we use, in work and its effects on the body, and in what’s for dinner. They care about attending to the quotidian as a site of research and a way of thinking through.


is edited by
Sinae Park and
Kate Morgan